Is it a valid number or NaN (Not a number)?? How do I identify if my result of some computation is/will be a valid number. This is something that always keep bugging javascript developers.

Brief description about NaN for those who are not familier with it or haven’t encountered such situations. NaN is basically a result of some arithmetic operation in javascript that turns out to be some non representable value in JS. It might be the outcome of some invalid coercion attempt.

NOTE: Do not confuse NaN values with overflow situations.

5/0 // Infinity0/0 // NaN

Well there’s…

In this article, I’m going to talk about spread operator in Javascript/Typescript along with it’s usage in React.

Well many of us is aware of this tiny little ... operator that serves a wonderful purpose in life of software developers working with client side technologies and React is one of them that also let us use this feature while creating components for our web app.

Spread Operator

For those who still don’t know what it does, let’s just understand what it is and why it fancy developers to use it more frequently

As per MDN, Spread syntax (...) allows an iterable such…

Today I am going to talk about Server Sent Events(SSE) that provides a powerful mechanism to communicate with server and allows us to have real time updates. Last few days I was implementing this in one of the project and I found very less information about it’s implementation using React and Sagas as middleware. In this article, I will talk about SSE and it’s practical use cases and will design a basic demo application to display server time using SSE.

Now you guys must be wondering why I have added this “One way” traffic sign board!! …

In this article I’ll be talking about integrating react router v5 and it’s features.

We all find very few articles talking about the updates in v5 of react-router. So in this article we are going to see the use of connected-router along with the new updates that are being introduced in the v5.

Note: For users who are planning to migrate their projects from v4 to v5, news for them is there are no breaking changes in v5 and it is fully compatible with React >=15.

So let’s get started with few highlighted features of react-router v5,

  • Introduction of hooks…

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